The 3 Unbelievable Facts That We Have To Know If We Get Addicted To Phones

We are now in the world of modern technology that even complicated things can be done through our phone. It is true that these days, phones have become a need rather than a simple necessity. I bet almost all people are using smartphones. It’s just that we cannot be too attached when it comes to our phone. Some individuals developed an addiction to mobile phones, and it’s not good. Here are some unbelievable facts that we should know if we get hooked.

1. High risk of depression

There are scientific studies that will show the connection of phone addiction to depression. No concrete facts are released yet but if we think about it, people who are using their phones all the time are those who seemed to have detached their lives from others. They spend too much time being alone, and it can easily lead to being depressed.

2. OCD Development

With our smartphones, we have the capability to change things the way we want it. It is easy to set up things based on how we prefer the settings of our phone. It can lead to severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. The way we organize our phones will reflect on our daily lives.

3. Lack of Social Skills

It is not surprising if a phone addict ends up being a loner. It’s because he or she has created a perfect world within their phone. People exposed to this kind of addiction may end up not knowing the right way to interact with other people.

There is nothing wrong if we are using our phone because it is a great help for all of us. We just need to be mindful that we still have a life outside of our phones. If we can take not of that, we can prevent the addiction.